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There seems to be a new breed of spammer invading LJ. In a matter of hours, I got three different comments (one in my personal journal, another in my icon journal and the other on the Victoria Waterfield comm), all from different users but with the same content: an embedded YouTube clip about the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of a former Portuguese prime minister. Although this has been a big issue in my country for the past 32 years, I can't seem to think of any reason why so many different people would think I'd be interested in this matter given that I've never mentioned it in my journal, or how relevant it might be as a comment in posts about Doctor Who and CSI, so I've understandably deleted said comments and marked them as spam.

I have the feeling more similar spammage might hit your journal(s), possibly related to your own country, so keep your eyes open.

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Time Lady

Roger Delgado picspam

My recent experience watching The Sea Devils and drooling over the utter sexiness that is Delgado!Master has compelled me to race to Tragical History Tour and grab all the pictures of him from the non-episode related folders I could find. The result is a massive picspam (33 pictures, most of them quite large, of which only the first couple are of him as the Master) which I hope you will enjoy as much as I did collecting them.

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Ben/Polly scream

Thank-You Picspam, Part 1

Thank you so much for renewing my extra userpics for one year, alouzon! As a thank-you gift, I am offering you (and the rest of my flist, of course) a couple of large picspams using screencaps found at Tragical History Tour. Part 1 is dedicated to the amazing Duchess and her dolly sailor, AKA Ben and Polly, with some extra Doctor(s) and Jamie.

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Our Secret Place (a Fourteen/Jamie mix)

I made this mix months ago, but it only took me until now to upload it because I couldn't think of a good title for it. I'm still unsure of the one I finally used, actually. But ah well.

Anyway, this is a mix from my Fourteenth Doctor fic series, with songs I sometimes listen to while writing. For those of you unfamiliar with my fics, I first created the Fourteenth Doctor because I love to grab elements people often associate with badfic and try to make something readable out of them - in this case, I took "the Doctor regenerates as a woman" and "the Doctor lives beyond the amount of regenerations established by canon". I then grabbed my all-time favourite companion, Jamie McCrimmon, both because I wanted his story to go beyond The War Games and because I knew I'd feel comfortable writing him. The result was surprisingly interesting, as those two practically wrote themselves, especially while interacting with each other. At this point, I have finished two fics with them (Jamie and The Rutan Relics), I'm halfway through the third (Tin Men), and have some plot bunnies for more adventures to follow.

But enough with the fics - just sit down and enjoy the mix. A word of warning for those who are foolish enough to might want to read them, though: together with the lyrics excerpts, you also get a lot of rather spoilerish excerpts of the first one, Jamie.

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Time Lady

2010 To-Read List

This is the list of books I am planning to read this year. As with the previous list, I'll add books to it whenever I manage to get my hands on something new, and I'll strike a book once I finish it.

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