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15 August 2008 @ 12:36 am
Picspam - The Faceless Ones (Episode 1)  
Part 3 of my massive picspam project, this time with Episode 1 of The Faceless Ones, the last serial featuring Ben and Polly - and this particular episode being the last one in existence in which they appear.
I've decided to split episodes 1 and 3 into two separate posts because otherwise they'd be just too big - this post contains 63 caps, so you can imagine what it would have been like if I had combined the two episodes like I did with The Moonbase earlier today.

Again, feel free to gank anything you like - no credit necessary.

The first thing Jamie does when he first sees an airplane is cling on to the Doctor. Aww...

And then, Jamie utters one of his most famous lines: "It's a flying beastie!"

They are spotted by a policeman, and immediately realize they're in trouble. The Doctor orders the others to scatter in order to make the chase difficult for their pursuer...

...and Ben decides to run straight towards the policeman. I can see some people headdesking and calling my poor sailor boy an idiot for doing this...

...but since the policeman manages to lose his track amazingly quickly, we should be calling him the idiot.

Meanwhile, Jamie and the Doctor are making out hiding underneath a flying beastie...

...while Polly hides in the Chameleon Tours hangar and witnesses a murder.

She runs to tell this to Jamie and the Doctor, who understandably are not happy to be interrupted decide to investigate.

Polly is understandably shaken with the murder, so Jamie comforts her.

The Doctor seems to be intrigued with the way the man was killed (a ray gun), but in reality he's going "wtf?" at Polly and Jamie getting so touchy-feely right in front of him.

They decide to alert the authorities, but before they can do anything someone grabs Polly and paralyses her with a pen...

...while the Doctor and Jamie keep on walking, unaware of anything.

The bad guys threaten Polly, who decides to snap back.

Polly: Oh yeah? Well, your mother was a hamster...

Polly: And your father smelt of elderberries!

Polly: Oh crap, wrong story.

Meanwhile, Jamie and the Doctor try to talk to someone in charge...

Unfortunately, before they can do anything they have to deal with this paternalistic jackass working at Immigration, who won't shut up about their passports.

Jamie: What's a passport, Doctor?
Doctor: Oh, some sort of official mumbo-jumbo.

Doctor: Look! We've just discovered a dead body out there!

Ugh. If someone was looking at me like that after I discovered a dead body, I'd immediately do a nose job on them with my fists. But that's me, of course.

It looks like my boys are experiencing a similar urge.

And then, one of my favourite moments from this serial occurs:

Jamie: Can we not tell him about the TARDIS?

Doctor: *stamps on Jamie's foot*

Jackass: You gentlemen wouldn't know anything about a police box, would you?
Jamie: That's just what I'm saying. We're-

Doctor: *kicks Jamie*

Eventually, Jackass calls the Commandant.

Meanwhile, Ben finds the Chameleon Tours hangar...

...and talks to the evil captain. I wonder what his reaction would have been like if he knew what this guy did to Polly.

The Commandant doesn't really believe our boys' story. But then again, I'm not surprised.

Jamie: You say this girl actually witnessed a murder?
Doctor: Yes, she saw the man killed.

Jamie: He was electrocuted, with a ray gun!

Doctor: *kicks Jamie again*
Me: *shakes head* Jamie, I love you, but please shut up.

And stop doing those puppy eyes.

At the hangar, our boys get all Holmes and Watson, much to the Commandant's annoyance.

It doesn't help that, instead of a dead body, all they find are plastic cups.

A close-up of the hands of the mysterious creature hiding in the hangar, which proves that sometimes it's better to suggest a creature rather than showing it.

Jamie and the Doctor are miffed because nobody believes them.

And then...

Jamie: Doctor, look!

It's Polly!

Obviously, the Doctor and Jamie are very happy to see her.

But then, to their complete shock, she tells them her name is not Polly, and that she has never seen them in her life.

And that's it for Episode 1. Episode 3, in which Ben and Polly no longer appear, will be coming up soon.
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runtling on August 18th, 2008 07:20 pm (UTC)
Eeeeeee, Polly! Jamie! Ben! TWOOOOOO.

I think The Faceless Ones was the first story I saw with Ben and Polly. :D It's pretty fantastic, I won't lie. ♥
Just Pat: closetnentari on August 18th, 2008 10:06 pm (UTC)
Yes, it really is fantastic. I mean, it has Jamie getting his first snog, of all things. And Two helping him out of the closet. *laughs* It's also a great story, overall. I wish it would exist in its entirety so that I could see chameleon!Jamie.