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21 August 2008 @ 12:43 pm
Picspam - The Faceless Ones (Episode 3)  
My previous picspam featured caps from episode 1 of The Faceless Ones, the last serial featuring Ben and Polly. Sadly, the only other surviving episode of this is episode 3, which I'm including on this post, so here's a quick recap of what has happened so far:

Previously, on The Faceless Ones...
In Episode 1, Team TARDIS landed on Gatwick Airport in 1966, Polly witnessed a murder and was kidnapped, and a girl who looks just like Polly suddenly turned up.
In Episode 2, the mysterious people who kidnapped Polly decided to remove not!Polly from the airport, where she began working at the Chameleon Tours kiosk (Chameleon Tours being the front for a strange ploy to kidnap young people), as Jamie and the Doctor were still doing their investigations and refused to take their yes off her spot. While doing a stakeout of the kiosk, Jamie met Queen Victoria from Tooth and Claw Samantha Briggs, the sister of one of the missing young people, who is doing some investigation of her own and who joins forces with him and the Doctor - Ben having disappeared as well after some silly dokness with his friends in a photobooth. *points to icon* Later, while Jamie and Sam are approached by a Scotsman who wants to ask them some questions, the Doctor gets into a bit of a pickle...

And now, on to the picspam:

As I said above, in Episode 2 the Doctor went to the Chameleon Tours hangar to investigate...

And ended up trapped in a room full of freezing gas.

Luckily the phyisiology of Time Lords is different from ours, so he just pretended to fall unconscious from the cold and waited for one of the baddies to approach him. He then took the man's freeze pen (the same pen that was used to paralyze Polly in Episode 1) and used it on him in order to escape.

Sam and Jamie are still talking to the Scotsman when the Doctor returns.

The man introduces himself as Inspector Crossland from Scotland Yard...

...and shows the Doctor a picture of his missing colleague, Gascoigne, which the Time Lord identifies as the man Polly saw get murdered at the Chameleon Tours hangar.

Please notice that the Chameleon Tours hostess, who has replaced not!Polly at the kiosk, seems to be listening to every word they're saying.

Crossland suggest that he and the Doctor go have a chat with that idiot of a Commandant, so the Doctor tells Jamie to keep an eye on the kiosk in case not!Polly comes back.

Sam displays an interesting variety of facial expressions that show me once again why she's my favourite Companion That Never Was.

Sam: I think I'll go and have a look round that Chameleon Hangar.
Jamie: Ah, not by yourself!
Sam: Well, I suppose it would be better if I had a man with me.
Saucy minx...

Jamie: Oh, if only the Doctor hadn't told me to watch this place.

Sam: Oh, do you always do everything you're told?

Jamie: No! But the Doctor trusts me.
Sam: Yeah, that's your trouble, isn't it?

Sam: All right stay here. After all, they can only murder me. Ta-ra.

Jamie: Don... Oh... Wait a minute. I don't suppose anything will happen here, do you?
Sam: Well, since they closed the kiosk, it's hardly likely.
Jamie: And we won't be long away, will we?

*sighs* Jamie, you're so easy to manipulate...

Meanwhile, in the control room, the Doctor notices that one of the controllers looks just like this petrified guy he found inside a box at the hangar before the freezing incident.

He has a long chat with Crossland and the Commandant, which can be resumed in three topics:
1) Crossland is open-minded enough to give the Doctor the benefit of the doubt, but he'll need evidence.
2) The Commandant is an idiot, but we knew that already.
3) The Doctor uses the pen on a teacup in order to give them the evidence Crossland requested, thus freaking out the doppelganger and pwning the Commandant.

Sam's sleuthing faces are a thing of beauty.

She finds some postcards written beforehand by some of the missing kids (as seen in Episode 2, not!Polly told the kids to write them beforehand for their parents since, logically, they would not be arsed to do it once they'd reach their destination, like all teenagers)...

...and as she realizes the postcard her parents received from her brother had the same origin she breaks down and cries. Jamie tries to confort her by calling her "a brave wee lassie"...

...and she immediately brushes him off.
Sam: Oh, get off! I've got something in my eye, come on!

She stops abruptly and makes the most hilarious "oops!" face.

Sam: (embarrassed) Where are we going?

Once at the control room, Sam and Jamie show the postcards to the Doctor.

Doctor: I think it's the further evidence you require, Inspector.

The Commandant is still a bit sceptical, but Crossland finally convinces him to give the Doctor free reign to poke around the place.

I love seeing the Commandant agreeing with their terms.

Jamie: WTF? I'm being hugged by a girl?
Sam: *squishes*

I love their faces here.

More sleuthing around.

And more of the Commandant being a dickhead.

Meanwhile, the Chameleon agent at the control room sticks something on the Doctor's back, and is once again freaked out when the Doctor drops some more hints that he knows the agent is not who he claims to be.

In the meantime, Crossland goes to the Chameleon Tours kiosk and insists on talking with their captain.

At the Chameleon Tours hangar, Jamie and the Doctor are once again playing detectives...

...and fondling walls.

Crossland's investigations turn out sour.

Jamie and the Doctor, however, are more successful, as they find the entrance to the secret room, where they collect some more clues.

However, as they prepare to leave, the bug on the Doctor's back (*insert joke about future DW stories here*) is activated and he keels over.

Fortunately, Jamie is there and destroys the contraption.

And that's it, I'm afraid. The only way to know what will follow is through the audio files or the photonovel.
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